The most dramatic scenario that you can delight yourself everyday, not matter where, no matter the season.

The Sun leaves to light out other worlds, other section of the planet, being fair. It is hard to say goodbye while it drowns itself from the sky, leaving behind burst of incandescence fire full of warm, full of love.

Light, an small fragment of existence that the eye is able to see and believe, all the rest remain uncertain. That fragment, full of colors and waves moves our brain to create and imagine. Allows to paint whatever we want to paint, and print it in the memory: Our special photo gallery in our heads. Loaded by the echos, by the emotions, by names.

A fragment of time and space. Location and sets, scenarios full of entities painted by shadows and contrast. Everything set aside in the dark to kneel the warm light of love and serenity.

A present to fall in love everyday, being present and observe while breathing in the last sigh of light. Being persent to recognize to be alive.

fa.ll 2016


Sunset Gallery: