”Every Step I have taken in my life has led me here, now.”
Alberto Garutti

Mind your steps is a personal photo project that ”walks” along to a process of inner sightseeing.

Sightseeing is the act of visiting and seeing places and objects of interest. It’s obey to a recognition process that engage your sight, your hearing, the sense of smell and your body movement as your primary tools of recognition.
Also the taste come into place when you get hungry after a physical activity such as walking (or a whim, why not?!).
Basically it engage all your senses either your conscious or not.

Through the recognition process led basically from your sight sense, your eyes begin to collect info from the light that bounce on trees, pavement, rivers, bridges, building, people and everything that is around you. They start to mix and match the colors in your retina and produces forms leading to an image. At this point, these images mean nothing at all. They start to make sense when the travel to the brain and match with your previous visual information register in your ”hard disk”.  And here it comes: a memories sprout. This is technically called visual perception or the phenomenon of vision: the ability to interpret the surrounding environment by processing information that is contained in visible light (we will discuss this in another time), which is mostly the based point on investigation in psychology, cognitive science, neuroscience and molecular biology.

Putting all this technical data aside, what do you do when the memories sprout out in your mind in those moments?

I have a non-so-healthy habit to go back and forth, being present and wonder into the past of that memory or recreate a future of the sensation arised. All this also fed by the senses of hearing, smelling, tasting and touching.

In order to help me being present I look at  my feet  (as like when you look at your hands to confirm if your are having a lucid dream or not?)

Yes! Exactly!

An on-going project to be PRESENT.


Why only sewage systems? not quite. Nature is involve too, but… why not anyway?  if you look closely those are the veins of a city, the roots of a tree. A huge network that is actually what make it function, the ugly side of its infrastructure, the entrails.

… the grates… ohh the grates, the evidence of every bad decision, every good decision and ”put-a-cap-there” decision. Are their scars with a face and have their name on it. Like demons. In the different shapes, different sizes.
I used to fear them, I used to believe that they could swallow me down, down there, in dark, in the damp, in the dirt, devour me and then spit me out like nothing else as a ripped bone. All alone. And with a big headache.

You will only find them if you look down. if you look inside, if you look beneath. If you look inward. When you decide to step on it, and defeat your fear,  you would have a pretty good idea of what’s underneath, you will easily see then tools that you already have to fix a broken pump.

It is not only to remind me to be present, it is also a reminder of what I’m made of, and what I am doing here.

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About the Quote: ”Every step I have taken in my life has led me here, now”.
The work is a stone set into the floor, with the engraved inscription. It was shown for the first time in Antwerp, and later inserted in the context of the project of Pierluigi Nicolin for the Milano-Malpensa Airport, the project is addressed to all passers-by, the people in transit in the airport and its connected spaces. In this way, the work explores the dense network of relations each person activates with his or her own existence, suddenly revealing the complexity of experience for the spectator, underlining the value of the kinetic and potential energy enclosed in the life of each of us. This constellation of works will form a sort of map of infinite voyages, infinite existences, numberless relations, the metaphor of a complex, stratified, ubiquitous society like ours.

Every step I have taken in my life has led me here, now simultaneously conveys a sense of the site-specific and a sense of ubiquity, of micro and macro scale. 

(Text taken from ”Tutti i passi che ho fatto nella mia vita mi hanno portato qui, ora”)

Location: Milano – Malpensa Airport, Milano, Italy.